PicoWAN is an open network, developers all around the world can develop compatible products.

PicoWAN Network is freely open to all partners desiring to develop connected objects and services, including:

  • Network operators
  • Systems integrators
  • Large industrial areas and campuses
  • Product manufacturers
  • Sensor OEMs

PicoWAN is based on a scheme where you buy keys for devices for a certain maximum number of messages per day. Thanks to the implementation of the network stack, PicoWAN not only offers uplink from the device to the network but can also provide downlink for a very competitive pricing.

Fee starting from 1€/device/year

The software embedded in connected objects (library + PDK) will be freely available to all developers and integrators. Connected objects can be made bi-modal objects, PicoWAN/LoRaWAN, which can connect indifferently to the PicoWAN or any LoRaWAN network.

PicoWAN has started to sell PicoPlugs at a reduced price in a marketing effort to seed the network in major European towns at the end of 2016.

The PicoWAN Cloud provides a web application interface for device management and configuration of data integration, as well as standards based web APIs to automate the device management and implement the data integration.

In order to test and develop on the network, two ways of development are offered:

  • an easy proof-of-concept approach, where you only need standard hardware and software provided by PicoWAN and which allows you to evaluate the development process, the network and the feasibility of your application with PicoWAN,
  • and a development model that allows to develop production grade. In this model you can also integrate the network into your own infrastructure.