PicoWAN objects are compatible with LoRaWAN

PicoWAN software freely available

The software embedded in connected objects (library provided to build software) is freely available to all developers and integrators on industrial or consumer markets.

Bi-modal objects for optimal compatibility

Since both PicoWAN™ and LoRaWAN are based on LoRa PHY technology and use the same LoRa transceivers by Semtech inside end devices, it is easy to make bi-modal objects, PicoWAN/LoRaWAN, which can connect indifferently to the PicoWAN™ or any LoRaWAN network. To this end, PicoWAN™ releases a PDK (product development kit) to facilitate the development of connected objects compatible with both types of LoRa networks.

ARCHOS is member of the LoRa Alliance dedicated to providing the best breed of technologies compatible with both PicoWAN and LoRaWAN protocols.