The PicoSmartTag is the first connected object for PicoWAN network.

Geolocation Tracking

Track your PicoSmartTag in real-time and use the map to get directions

Movement Detection

Send alerts to your phone


Set up a virtual fence and receive alerts when your PicoSmartTag enters or leaves your yard

Community Coverage

Each PicoSmartTag can connect to any PicoPlug so your network is always growing

PicoSmartTag is a connected object integrating new proprietary geolocalization techniques based on LoRa combined with others. It includes no GPS sensor on the basis that GPS power consumption is way too high to allow this type of tag to operate for days, weeks or months without recharging. Also, GPS stops functioning (without 3G A-GPS assistance) in shadowed areas such as street canyons, under trees or inside buildings or in general under covered areas.

PicoSmartTag works indoor and outdoor. It includes an accelerometer for movement detection. It is rechargeable and only 5 cm in diameter.

This Tag will become your best ally to find everything everywhere, outdoor or indoor.