PicoWAN production-grade development

Production grade development allows you to use custom hardware. You can integrate the network into your own infrastructure.

To develop the software for your project, PicoWAN provides demo source code, documentation and SDK. You will prefer to keep your data on your own server and do the decryption there. PicoWAN will then just provide the interface to your encrypted data.

To use this development model:

  • Get suitable hardware (e.g. the Murata module CMWX1ZZABZ supported by our software)

Go to the PicoWAN developer console here and get keys for your project.

Go to the PicoWAN developer console and get keys for your project.

  • Create an account
  • Create a project
  • Buy some keys for your end device
  • Configure the PicoWAN server to push data to your own server
  • Configure security type and security parameters
  • Clone or download the example code
  • Look into the documentation how to use the code and how to get it into the device
  • Flash the example code into your hardware and provide the keys you bought

Go to your own server

  • Send and receive data from there
  • Handle the encryption of the data yourself on your own server