PicoWAN proof-of-concept development

An easy proof-of-concept approach to development for PicoWAN, where you only need standard hardware and software provided by PicoWAN and which allows you to evaluate the development process, the network and the feasibility of your application with PicoWAN.

To use this model, you first need to get some compatible hardware:

  • Get at least one PicoWAN Pack, as you need the PicoGateway
  • Either use the PicoSmartTag from the PicoWAN Pack as the end device or get a development kit such as “STM32L0 Discovery Kit LoRa”

You need to register at the PicoWAN developer console and get keys for your project.

  • Create an account
  • Create a project
  • Buy some keys for your end device
  • Configure the encryption of messages to be handled by the PicoWAN network
  • Configure the data history to be saved

You will need the software for your development.

  • Clone or download the example code
  • Look into the documentation how to use the code and how to get it into the device
  • Flash the example code into your hardware and provide the keys you bought

Now go the the developer console

  • Login with your account
  • Send data to or from your hardware and see it on the console
  • All data handling is done by PicoWAN

PicoWAN provides a tutorial that will walk you through the development process step by step.